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Do you want to write for us? Excellent! We are always on the lookout for guest writers and contributors who want to share their opinions, insights and valuable content on our blog. You can contribute as often, or as little as you please. Not only that, there are no deadlines! Writing for Twittorati will help give you and your business exposure to thousands of individuals willing to improve their lives.

Guest Posts Guidelines

Content: Content should be unique, no previously published elsewhere and should not be republished in the future. Ensure that the post is submitted with full title and proofread for errors prior to submission. The length of an article submitted as a regular guest post should be a minimum of 700 words; 400 words for an infographic.

Topics: Anything new or trendy about business, tech, marketing, apps & software, gadgets, finance, investment, beauty, fashion, food & drink, diet, fitness, health, exercise, weight loss, nutrition, sleep, mind & body, lifestyle, relationship, family, wedding, pregnancy, parenting, home improvement, cars, music, photography, books, education, personal development, insurance, personal finance, travel.

Credit: If you mention a statistic or a study in your article, please include a link to that source. For example, if you’re claiming that a certain food is healthy, tell us how you know. In such cases you should link to peer reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets. This way, readers can follow your line of thinking and investigate further if they want to know more.

Images: They are not mandatory. If you don’t provide images, one/some from own library will be used. If you want to include one or more images of your choice, make sure you have the rights to use it/them. Please provide them as attachment with clear explanation where in the article you want them inserted.

Editing: Twittorati holds all the rights to edit any article before publishing it.

Payment: I don’t offer monetary compensation to contributors for guest posts submitted and published on this blog, but I’m more than happy to include a byline and your brief bio containing links to your personal blog & social media accounts.

Submitting a Guest Post

If you would like to contribute with your guest post, submit your content as a Word document, plain-text or HTML at contact [@] twittorati [.] com

Turnaround time: I carefully read every single submission that I receive and will respond within 2-3 days, usually the same day.

Free/Paid Guest Posting

Publishing your guest post will be

– Free – If you are a blogger (non-commercial interest) willing to link back to your personal blog; or an individual willing to share your inspiring, funny, interesting, or just plain cool story with the world;
– Paid – If you are a business entity or represent a company or have a website that sells or recommends products or services (product reviews / affiliate marketing website) and are looking to get one or more permanent dofollow links.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Monica Pierce

Monica Pierce