4 reasons you should quit coffee and try these 4 worthy alternatives

coffee alternatives

Sleepless nights, something gnawing at your stomach, and surges of energy – any coffee drinker can attest to these things at some point.

True, this drink is addictive that you can’t seem to function without it; you have to have that shot of caffeine even when you have to deal with discomfort and insomnia sometimes.

And what’s running on your head is “You want me to give up coffee, but is there a better, albeit healthier, alternative? More importantly, can this substitute give me the focus I need to start my day the way coffee does?”

These beverages will make you leave your medium-roasted beans and pack your filters and presses.

Something Is Brewing, and It’s Not Coffee

It’s a fact that people consume coffee as if it were water, more than 50 percent of Americans over 18 years old drink coffee daily.

The numbers may be different now (the National Coffee Association reported those trends in 2010) as, in a list published seven years later, the US was not among the countries that are part of the top 20 coffee consumers.

The same list from the International Coffee Organization, however, places the US second to Monaco as having the most number of branches of this coffee shop with a twin-tailed mermaid for a logo.

While coffee is life for some, this beverage has a dark side too.

Coffee May Irritate Your Stomach

No matter how veteran you are as a coffee drinker or how you have built a “strong stomach” for it, you may still feel queasy after a mugful.

You may also get this bloated feeling or experience cramps and pains. An upset stomach is definitely the last thing you need on a busy workday.

Your stomach reacts to coffee negatively for several reasons. For one, coffee is acidic; every cup contains a high quantity of chlorogenic acid, which may irritate the lining in your stomach in the long run.

This condition is called gastritis, and drinking coffee on an empty stomach only aggravates it.

You may also be coffee intolerant or allergic to caffeine. As this article shows, you may have been drinking coffee all your life and experience upset stomach and thought nothing of it until a test confirms it for you.

Coffee Puts You on Edge

Coffee is famous especially among working folks and students because caffeine is a stimulant that improves mood and mental focus. You rely on caffeine to fuel your motivation and productivity…
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