Who can qualify for emotional support animals

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We all know the importance of the animals and how it can really provide support for people, especially when it comes to emotional support.

That is why in recent years, there has been an influx of animals being regarded as pets that can provide emotional support to the owners. These pets are termed as the emotional support animals.

What can the emotional support animals do?

In short, the emotional support animal can help to provide emotional support to owners who might be suffering from mental issues.

It can range from owners suffering from depression or owners who have emotional issues as a result of having emotional baggage that are too much for them to handle.

The main reason why these emotional support animals do so well at provide support to their owners is because animals can’t talk, and that is exactly what these owners need.

You see, sometimes we just need an outlet to express our thoughts and emotions, but we refuse to talk to humans as there is a fear of being judged.

As such, since the animals can’t talk and hence cannot be judgemental, they are the perfect option for owners to seek solace in.

There is a misconception going on, saying that any dog can be regarded as an emotional support dog, and they must be allowed into all public places.

While not completely untrue, not all dogs can be regarded as an emotional support dog. Also, not all dogs are allowed into public areas too.

You will need to have a letter from the therapist to certify that you are emotionally disabled before you can be allowed to have an emotional support dog.

How do you qualify to have an emotional support animal?

The basis of having an emotional support animal is to provide support to the owner who is suffering from emotional problems as well as mental issues.

As such, in order for you to qualify to have an emotional support animal, you will first need to have an emotional or mental disability.

And it is not as simple as declaring that you have such illnesses. Rather, you will need to be properly certified as having such problems by registered medical health professionals, which includes psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist or any other registered and certified mental health practitioners.

This is required so that people won’t abuse this system. You will need to get these…
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