Which wine accessories do you need?

wine glasses

Although it is always a great thing to have a fabulous bottle of wine handy, there are a few accessories that you will need to have as well to enjoy the experience.

For example, you will need something to open your bottle? Also, do you want your wine to breathe first? If you do, what will you be pouring it into?

Do you have the right kind of glass that goes with the type of wine you will be drinking? If you have several bottles at least, how will you store them without them breaking? Where are you going to store them?

Those are some of the things that need to be considered that many people don’t think about. The following are some of the most popular wine accessories that you might want to consider getting:

Wine Glasses

A majority of people drink their wine from glasses (rather than directly out of the bottle), however, do you own the right kind of glasses?

Although many people think any glass will work, for the experienced wine taster that is definitely not true. There are different kinds of glasses that come in various shapes. The glass shape can actually affect the drinker’s perception.

Wine bottle openers

You need one of these whenever a wine bottle is stoppered by a cork, although today many wine bottles are closed using a screw cap lid.

A sommelier knife, also referred to as the “waiter’s friend,” is the most popular kind of wine opener. It resembles a pocket knife and has a small blade (to cut the foil surrounding the cork) along with a levered corkscrew.

Also, wine poppers are becoming increasingly popular, especially in busy wine bars. A wine popper has a hollow spike that is completely driven into the cark and that causes a small carbon dioxide burst inside a cartridge to be released into the bottle, and that forces the cork from the top.

Wine Refrigerator

As the name states it is a refrigerator for storing wine in. However, these are designed specifically to maintain the proper temperature for storing wine.

That can be particularly helpful for individuals who live in warm climates. Many designs allow you to store your white wine…
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