What does meth addiction treatment involve?

meth addiction treatment

I’m scared and don’t know what I’m in for. What does meth treatment involve?

First, it’s alright to be scared, but you’ve already experienced the most frightening part of meth addiction: you’ve become addicted to drugs. That’s the scariest part and it gets better from here on in.

As to how long you’re going to need to be on addiction treatment, that depends on you. This may seem like a simple answer, but the severity of the addiction dictates how long it takes to get you clean and sober.

The next thing that’s important to remember is that some changes to your brain chemistry may be permanent. Meth is a methamphetamine that deeply penetrates the brain, mainly due to its refined form.

It mainly affects the brain’s pleasure and reward centers, which is why it can affect your brain to a great degree. Does this mean that you’re brain damaged? No, but it can result in severe depression when you go off the drug.

It is because of this that there are two forms of treatment available, depending on just how long you’ve been addicted to crystal meth:

Outpatient Treatment – This is the best option for those who have been addicted to crystal meth for a short time, or have been addicted for longer, but their addiction has been limited to smaller, more controlled doses.

If you have experienced “meth binges” where you consumed meth for several hours or days at one time, this option is probably not the best one for you. Furthermore, this option also depends on having good support at home to keep you on your plan.

You also need to have consistent and reliable transportation to the facility. The most important thing about outpatient treatment is the desire to quit. If you are strongly motivated to get back on track and get back to your life and loved ones, then this is a good option to take.

The pros of this option are that you can continue on with a normal way of life, with minimal impact on your everyday schedule. This form of minimal treatment can take as little as two or three hours a week.

There is also a more intensive form of therapy available for outpatients. This involves a program of six to nine hours of treatment per day, but you still return home, rather than stay overnight.

Inpatient Treatment – This is the option best suited for those who have a severe addiction to…
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