What are the best kitchen flooring options

kitchen flooring

When choosing the flooring for your kitchen, there are a few things that you need to consider. One of the most essential characteristics of a floor is definitely durability, especially in a room such as a kitchen that gets so much traffic.

When you are in the kitchen you will mainly be standing, so another important thing that needs to be considered is the comfort level of the floor.

How easy it is to clean the floor is also important since there tends to be a lot of spills that take place in a kitchen.

Stain resistance and moisture resistance are critical to select the floor that best fits your lifestyle. Finally, you will want to consider the style of floor that appeals to you the most.

However, you will need to prioritize to find the best solution for your kitchen and you. Just remember that there is no such thing as a perfect kitchen floor, so not all of the above considerations and choose the one that fits you the best.

Let’s go over the options that are available to you.

Hardwood is an excellent kitchen floor option. Two of the most important aspects to consider are the species of wood and quality of the finish.

The quality of finish affects daily wear and tear directly. If you go with an interior finish it can cause traffic patterns and you will ultimately end up needing to have your kitchen floor refinished sooner than necessary.

Kitchen floors made out of harder species of wood are not as likely to suffer structural damage or dents. Consider the amount of beating that your kitchen floor is likely to take when determining your floor choice.

One of the trendiest choices currently is distressed or hand-scraped hardwoods. These hardwoods not only look great but also provide a beat up or worn appearance so that any damage from traffic will not be as noticeable.

Water is one major drawback when comes to hardwood floors since wood and water do not get along well. If a spill gets left on a hardwood floor for an extended period of time, most likely it will cause…
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