Useful tips to consider when buying your first eBike

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Have you decided to buy your very first eBike? This is an excellent idea! The electric bikes industry is growing in popularity every day because of its endless pros. With an aBike, you can travel faster than with a regular bike, as well as over longer distances. An electric bicycle is compact and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It can keep you in great shape and improve your health, but also allow you to ride without sweating if needed. From an economic point of view, it will help you cut your gas expenses, and you won’t have to pay for parking. Last but not least, it’s totally eco-friendly!

It may not be easy to choose an eBike suitable for your needs and budget, especially if it’s your first time. It’s essential to find an eBike that will fit your individual needs related to your lifestyle, health condition, capabilities, etc. In this article, you will find a few tips that will make the whole decision-making process easier.

Prepare your budget

The first and a very important thing to do before you even start researching eBikes is to calculate your budget; how much can you really spend on it? Electric bikes aren’t a luxury, but they also aren’t cheap, especially if you compare them to regular bicycles (which is logical, no one would expect that). You can get a conventional eBike from even $300-$400, but you need to determine if a basic electric bike meets all your expectations. It’s not worth skimping while buying an electric bike, because you will feel the difference soon enough to regret it. However, an expensive eBike won’t always be better, so it’s best to know a thing or two about them, and not be afraid to consult with an expert.

Find your type

There are many different types of eBikes, just like there are regular bicycles designed for various purposes. So before you start researching the one for you, ask yourself where you will usually ride it. For example, there are true mountain eBikes that will do better on trails and downhills, and there are bicycles designed to perform best in the cities. You can choose from cruisers, commuting bikes, cargo types, and so on — it really depends on your needs.

Battery efficiency

This is one of the crucial factors that should be taken into consideration while choosing an eBike, especially if you need it to ride longer distances. You have to pay attention to the level of efficiency and the power boost. Of course, the more efficient and powerful the battery, the more expensive it gets, so calculate it carefully. Most batteries need from around 3 to 5 hours to get fully charged, depending on the capacity of a battery.

Consider the range

The range of an eBike refers to the distance you can ride it in the ideal conditions with a full battery until it’s completely drained; the ideal conditions depend on how flat your route is, how many hills you ride up, what the capacity of the battery is, but also your weight, the average speed, how much you pedal and the level of assistance needed from the eBike. To maximize the range powers, you need to make sure that your eBike is set up as well as possible, that is, the pressure in the tires is right, the chain is lubed, etc.

Choose the design you like

It shouldn’t be the first thing to be taken into consideration, but when you know the ideal specifications and there are several eBikes to choose from, it’s obvious that you would like something that looks good (in your opinion). Trust your intuition, pick the design that matches your taste, or even personalize it a little. You will ride this eBike for a long time and everywhere, so be sure it’s something 100% for you.

The bottom line

eBike is the future of commuting and a great way to stop climate change. It allows you to experience fantastic routes, admire the sites, and improve the quality of your free time. Remember, while choosing your first electric bicycle, you need to take into account your physical abilities. Do not overestimate your strength, pick the one you feel totally comfortable with and enjoy sitting on. I hope you will find these tips helpful and hit the road with your eBike very soon.

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