How to pack properly when you’re traveling abroad

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Packing efficiently is one of the most challenging tasks when preparing for a trip. It’s possible to be creative with the few clothes you decide to bring with you, but there’s much less flexibility when it comes to makeup and hair styling products.

We’ve become so accustomed to a specific grooming routine that there are times when we can’t have a good time without our favorite face moisturizers and cosmetics.

Whether you’re backpacking or just looking to pamper yourself, there are plenty of ways to bring along your favorite foundations and hair spray without having to pack up an entire suitcase.

We’ll go over a few tip and tricks to pack properly for your vacation. Do not underestimate this process.

Because if you’re well-prepared on your trip, you’ll feel a lot more confident about your trip. Often times, people don’t prepare enough for their trip, and forget all the beauty essentials.


When traveling abroad, there are products you’re definitely going to want to have with you, such as sunscreen. Switching to a foundation with SPF can kill two birds with one stone and help to save space.

Before your trip, consider getting lash extensions. Many women find that their lashes can be such a striking feature that they need very little makeup to supplement them.

Getting the extensions will allow you to ditch the extra tube of makeup and even make for a quicker transition during your travels.


Your destination inevitably will determine your choice of outfits. When in Rome, if you hope to set foot in any of the beautiful cathedrals, don’t plan on wearing shorts.

Similarly, if you’re headed to Thailand, you may find that you need to pack more conservatively than you think.

Though the only time you’re required to cover up is when you enter temples, high heels, booty shorts, and a crop top can still manage to appear disrespectful and out of place

Comfortable and conservative are typically a safe choice when you’re unfamiliar with the region, but try to understand as much as you can before you..
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