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happy couple wedding day

Innovative wedding invitations that will stand out

Tying the knot with your better half is a big deal and wedding invitations highlight your big day right before you say ‘I do’ in the presence of your loved ones. There’s always room to be fun and quirky especially when you are about to celebrate your big moment. Considering its a wedding, you can…

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outdoor wedding guests

Outdoor wedding guest outfit ideas

Outdoor weddings have become the latest trend, especially during the spring and summer months. If you have been invited to an outdoor wedding party, this post is meant for you. Below are some fantastic outfit ideas to ensure you don’t disappoint the couple who will be getting married. Outdoor wedding outfit ideas for ladies When…

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running and hydration

5 pre-wedding weight loss tips and tricks

Are you getting hitched in a couple of months or so? Got no time to lose weight in the short time span of your pre-wedding months? Besides just caring about the perfect dress, the perfect ring and the perfect decoration every bride equally cares about her perfect figure. It’s all about the wedding glamour that…

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wedding venue ballroom

10 tips on how to design your perfect wedding venue

There are few moments in life that are more personal, romantic, and important than your wedding. Your wedding stands as the crowning moment that seeks to set you off into a new life with your significant other. Most people will think about their wedding for years, from childhood even, before they get the chance to…

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beautiful bride in car

Bridal beauty preparation – tips to follow

Every woman dreams to have a fairy-tale like wedding. Usually, an almost perfect wedding takes months, even years, to prepare. From the planning stage, down to the rehearsals; a wedding celebration requires time, a whole bunch of energy, patience, and definitely money. If you are the kind of bride who is (or would like to…

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bread maker

Best appliances to give as a wedding gift

The eternal wedding gift conundrum. Most people have already been living together for a long time when they decide to get married, and when it comes to gifts, there isn’t a lot you can give them in terms of fancy cups and spice sets. However, buying the right appliance can make their lives much more…

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