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girl backpack traveller

Why you should travel after graduation

Many students travel the world soon after they graduate. In the meanwhile, other folks don’t do that. They begin to look for a job immediately. Some try to succeed in business. We have several good reasons to prove that you really should travel the first year after your graduation. We’ll try to explain our viewpoint….

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full set camera gear

Tips for air travel with camera gears

Being a photographer is tough to carry camera gear on your long travelling journey. Because while travelling there are various situations in which your camera gear might get damaged or go missing. As a result, the damage is difficult to recover, and it cost too much. Here in this blog, we mainly discuss the ways…

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greek flag in santorini

9 best places to visit in Greece

There’s no place on earth that’s quite as beautiful as Greece. Known for its gripping history and ancient culture, this Mediterranean heaven beckons travelers with its glorious antiquities and majestic masterpieces from the ancient era. With a mountainous mainland, photogenic landscapes and idyllic islands, Greece is also a blessing for shutterbugs and nature lovers who…

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marathon runners

The 5 most scenic marathons around the world

All the avid runners aren’t satisfied with running in the park, down the beach or around the block. After years of practice and dedication, they get ambitious and want something more. Even marathons in their home towns or countries become less interesting, so it’s understandable if they start traveling in search for more exciting marathons…

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blue tent on the mountain

Tips for rainy-season campers

Downpour may occur anywhere at any time. In any case, there is no compelling reason to give it a chance to destroy your outdoors experience. Here are a few hints for outdoors in the downpour to enable you to remain happy and dry when the rain begins falling from the sky. 1. Waterproofing your tent…

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statue in bangkok thailand

9 can’t-miss places to visit in Southeast Asia

Get ready for a feast and memorable assault on your senses! Beautifully chaotic and vibrant, Southeast Asia will appease your wanderlust with its pungent markets, tangy cuisines, and thundering motorbikes. Famed for marvelously diverse scenery, this beloved destination wows travelers with picture-perfect rolling hills, unbelievably beautiful islands, squeaky-clean sands and fiery volcanic peaks. Of course,…

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