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blue large living room

5 home design ideas to create Instagram-worthy spaces

Whether or not you are part of the Instagram culture, creating gorgeous backdrops within your living space adds to your home’s aesthetic. Creating “Instagram-worthy” spaces takes a bit of knowledge and a splash of creativity. Most of these ideas can be implemented easily and with a bit of DIY love. Of course, if you are…

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modern apartment interior

5 home interior design ideas for you to try

With so many options and trends out there, it can be difficult to find the right home interior design ideas for your property. Whether you are looking for interior design tips to brighten up your living room or your kitchen, you want to use the best ideas to enhance your home. In this article, I’ll…

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kitchen renovation

Essential guidelines to help you land up with a competitive renovation services provider

Are you up for renovating your home? Even though you may not be excited about the selection of the appropriate company for renovation services like you would be about the choice of new paint colours or packages of appliances, it is the most crucial step in the journey of the refurbishment of your home. The…

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classic car in garage

Great ideas for fixing up your garage

Homeowners spend so much time improving the inside of the home. Whether it’s investing in a new kitchen or decorating the bedroom, they are always looking at ways to give their home a boost. But with so much focus on the inside of a property, the outside of the home is often left at the…

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street in England

A guide to purchasing property in the UK as a foreigner

So you’re contemplating investing in British property from a foreign country, however you may be wondering if the process of purchasing property in the UK is the same as in your home country. Overall, the fundamentals of investing in British property are similar to that of other countries, however it should be noted that there…

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