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hardwood floor

How to choose the right floor for every room: a concise guide for homeowners

Whether you’re just about to have your house built or are planning to renovate, choosing the right kind of floor material and design is crucial for aesthetics and functionality. But with plenty of choices available, it can be challenging to pick one for every room in the house. Thinking about choosing the same flooring material…

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traditional living room design

5 green home improvement projects to undertake while in quarantine

We are currently going through the most stressful time of our lives that too on a global level! Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been compelled to make dramatic changes in our everyday lives. But instead of focusing on the limitations imposed on us, we must work towards making the most out of this…

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blue and white bedding

Top 5 ways to refresh your bedding this season while refreshing your savings

Yes, the seasons are at the move again, and this is the perfect excuse for a little alternate of your own. Nothing beats a great seasonal decor refresh, whether or not it’s just a tiny tweak or a full replacement, and even something as easy as new bedding can make this type of difference in…

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master bedroom

How to renovate a master bedroom over the weekend

Your renovation dreams shouldn’t be put on hold because of time. Most people shy away from pending bedroom renovation tasks thinking it will take them months to complete. With some strategic thinking and a sound plan, you’ll be able to pull off the bedroom design of your dreams in just one weekend. The best way…

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large open pool enclosure

6 questions you must ask yourself before buying a pool enclosure

Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful swimming pool in the backyard? They make your home look stylish and elegant besides providing you with a perfect spot for relaxing and having a fun time with your near and dear ones. They also offer long-term capital value to your home. However, having a pool also means…

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nice living room

How to create calm within the home

The home is always somewhere that you should be able to feel relaxed, peaceful and calm. This will help you to unwind after a long day and recharge your batteries, but in order for the home to be a peaceful space you will need to take a few steps. Here are a few of the…

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