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couple running

8 reasons to start running – today!

So, you’ve been thinking about taking up running? Awesome! I highly encourage you to do so. However, there’s a problem – you’ve only been thinking and not actually doing anything so you’re beginning to doubt that you’ll ever even give it a try. Don’t worry my friend, as this is an issue that many have…

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couple drinking wine

Best wines to bring on your first date

You turned on your phone and opened this app called Tinder, swiping left to almost five hundred profiles of beautiful ladies. No one could spark your interest after countless hours of swiping left, and it’s a struggle. Then here she comes, pretty girl with cute eyeglasses, onyx black and short hair, pouty lips and a…

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succulent gardening

8 tools to successful succulent gardening

From a nerdy plant pot display with a 70s vibe to an internet sensation… It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when succulents became all the rage. But succulents now feature in many aesthetic Instagram snapshots. Also in wedding bouquets, clothing embroidery, and even on sunglasses. And more than ever before millennials are trying their spot at…

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delicious looking pie

7 national pies that will impress your partner

In each country, there are some culinary habits and hidden gems, the secrets of cooking which are passed from generation to generation. And some dishes managed to break into the international arena and gain the favor of gourmets from other parts of the world. Today we are going to talk about seven national pies which…

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happy girl laughing

Depressed at work? 6 tips to defeating depression for good

We live in a world that is full to the brim with stress. The stress that comes with managing your day to day life, that comes with needing to pay your bills on time – hell, there’s even stress that comes from your friends and family. All of which accumulates, taking a massive toll on…

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custom photo blanket

Custom photo blanket for your loved ones

The old saying goes, “it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts”. The act of exchanging gifts has long been a tradition that transcends racial, cultural and status lines. During Medieval times, peasants exchanged gifts with their nobles and community as a sign of gratitude. Although they had little, they made it a point…

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