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happy kids party

5 party games for toddler and pre-schoolers

Children love parties and you will know when you talk to some entertainment party organisers. The kids party entertainers proudly agree that they are busy throughout the year arranging different themed parties for children and the demand is growing with each passing day. Children love everything about parties: playing, spending time with other children and…

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parked motorcycle

A “crash” course in motorcycle tires

Every biking enthusiast is well aware of the fact that tires are the most critical part of a bike. While all tires may look the same to a rookie, they come in various different styles and sizes. Choosing the correct tire type for you depends on how you ride, why you ride, and your level…

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couple running

8 reasons to start running – today!

So, you’ve been thinking about taking up running? Awesome! I highly encourage you to do so. However, there’s a problem – you’ve only been thinking and not actually doing anything so you’re beginning to doubt that you’ll ever even give it a try. Don’t worry my friend, as this is an issue that many have…

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succulent gardening

8 tools to successful succulent gardening

From a nerdy plant pot display with a 70s vibe to an internet sensation… It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when succulents became all the rage. But succulents now feature in many aesthetic Instagram snapshots. Also in wedding bouquets, clothing embroidery, and even on sunglasses. And more than ever before millennials are trying their spot at…

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delicious looking pie

7 national pies that will impress your partner

In each country, there are some culinary habits and hidden gems, the secrets of cooking which are passed from generation to generation. And some dishes managed to break into the international arena and gain the favor of gourmets from other parts of the world. Today we are going to talk about seven national pies which…

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treadmill workout

Tips to switch up your workout on the treadmill with inclines

There are days or times when you can’t get out for your regular walk or run. However, running or walking on a treadmill can deliver similar results to an outdoor jog or walk- more so if you tweak the incline. Working out on a treadmill with an incline boosts your heart rate without you having…

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