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knitting hobby

Hobbies that help calm your mind

A person cannot live life to the fullest if all they do is work. As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, which means that time off work is essential to live the best life. The worries and stress from everyday living will be made lighter when one takes…

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drilling in wood

How to start woodworking to pursue a completely different hobby

Are you looking for a completely different hobby? If the answer is yes, then you can try woodworking because this is a great hobby that offers something completely different than other leisure activities. People who opted to do woodworking in their free time identified some great benefits of the hobby. A few of the noted…

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marathon runners

10 easy, doable tasks for every first-time marathon runner

You think you are ready to join your first marathon and facw’ the challenges presented in 42 kilometers, or 26 miles? Marathons are invariably part of a serious runner’s life, a milestone where the journey sometimes matters more than the winning does. They say long-distance runs are more about you racing against yourself than it…

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huge collection of stamps

Buying stamps online: here’s what you need to do

The importance of stamps is often underrated and underappreciated. Other than the wonder of being a small piece of paper which allows your package to be insured, handled and transported from one place to another, they are an illustration of a place’s history and culture as well. Having colorful depictions of different events in history,…

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sydney opera

A must-visit Australian state: 5 grand reasons to travel to New South Wales

Australia’s beauty is undeniable. Every part of it always has something incredible and astonishing to offer. A southeastern Australian state, New South Wales is home to many different things Australia is proud and honored of. At the heart of this populous state is Sydney, its capital city. New South Wales is rich in many ways,…

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bodyweight exercises

What are bodyweight exercises and why are they trending?

Cross-fit, planaforma, aerial yoga – what is the new trend in the world of exercise? It seems that exercise has gone back to basics, when our ancestors proved that carrying around rocks help build muscle. Bodyweight exercises are the “in” exercises to do. The What Bodyweight exercises are essentially a series of choreographed movements that…

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