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ExtraTorrent alternatives after ExtraTorrent shut down

If you’ve been on the internet for as long as I have, you probably know what the site ExtraTorrent is and how it used to be one of the largest (the second largest in fact) torrent site in the world. However, in 2017, the website voluntarily shut down without giving any explanation. This left the…

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video blogger camera

Rules for success every video blogger should know

The Internet has always been an excellent tool for the mass dissemination of information, but in recent years, it has been a boon to private individuals looking to create a following for themselves online. These people refer to themselves as video bloggers (or vloggers for short), and the content they produce can be about anything….

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london big ben by night

Amazing spots to experience nightlife in London

If there is a city known for its club culture, then there is only one city that comes to my mind i.e. London. We all have visited and heard a lot about London’s swanky hotels, restaurants, castles, and various things you can do in this beautiful British city. But, not many people know that the…

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