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police officer questioning a driver

10 driving infractions that can lead to losing your license

Can you imagine life without a driver’s license? How would you get anywhere? Sure, you could ask a friend, take the bus, walk, uber, ride your bike but none of that is as convenient as getting in your car and going. Life with a driver’s license is beneficial in many different ways. But it is…

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man driving a ford car

Should you refinance your auto loan or not?

As time passes, you may get better car deals or simply feel the current auto loan isn’t favoring you and you opt for refinancing. Before you fully decide to refinance, you need to make an educated decision. The truth is, refinancing has its pros and cons, and you need to know them before you make…

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car showroom sales

4 things to know before buying a pre-owned car

A car is one of the biggest investments you are ever going to make. So, it is crucial that you go into the purchasing process with a clear idea of what you want and what you can afford. After all, you wouldn’t want a car salesperson to take advantage of the gaps in your knowledge….

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mercedes benz car interior

Is fall and winter the best time to buy a car?

You’ve been driving your car for long enough now. It keeps showing signs of shutting down, but you are still hanging on to it. Why? Some people have a sentimental attachment to a car and can’t bear to replace it. But most people are just looking for a good deal to buy a new one….

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happy family rv camping

Simple learner’s guide to the world of RV-ing

Not sure what you want to do in the next holiday break? Have you run out of new ways to have fun? Why don’t you try RVing for a change? Skip the long transits, and uncomfortable, congested nights inside the airplane, and go on a road trip! RVs are fully capable of supporting a large…

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red audi hatchback car

A comprehensive guide on Audi extended warranties

Audi, a true testament to German engineering and the excellence involved in building a well-deserved reputation across the globe. Audi vehicles are works of art and the driving pleasure these cars offer are rivaled by few and matched by even fewer. People don’t realize the levels of quality and cost that goes into producing these…

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