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immigrant workers with face masks

The impact of coronavirus on immigrant workers

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has turned everything upside down. It has taken away our freedom and put thousands, if not millions, of people in-home quarantine. The global economy is suffering. Small businesses are closing because they cannot survive in the next few weeks, and thousands of people are getting infected daily. Although it…

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website builder

How much should I charge to build a website?

After spending countless hours learning code and honing the craft of website building, it’s time for your business to prepare for takeoff. Starting a new business always involves a lot of tricky decision-making and battling with unknowns, and this problem only gets worse for freelancers. One of the biggest questions you may have about marketing…

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three women in meeting room

Humans are not resources, but resources are for humans

Human resources have much to offer to a company that believes in the importance of their employees hold, but the word ‘resources’ may have some negative connotations with it that are hard to shake off. It’s a horrible way to talk about, but a resource can be something that is depleted and utilized objectively. It…

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artificial intelligence face concept

How does artificial intelligence eliminate the millions of jobs?

The revolution in the science and tech has sharpened the industrial edges and is emerging many debates. People are blaming technology for eliminating job opportunities. By the way, how many of you agree with the fact that the immense incorporation of Artificial Intelligence is stealing the jobs? I know many of you would bow down…

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man using laptop keyboard

Why become CompTIA Security+ certified and how exam dumps can assist you?

CompTIA is a worldwide non-profit organization that offers vendor-neutral certifications. It has validated the skills and knowledge of more than two million professionals in the last two decades. CompTIA certifications are widely considered by employers in the industry because they address the dynamic needs of IT society. Some of the popular certifications from CompTIA include…

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real estate agent and happy clients

How to give your career a restart

Would you like to do more about your professional life? If you’re currently having a job that doesn’t make you happy or doesn’t satisfy you from a financial point of you, it’s worth knowing that you’re not the only one. People often reach a point when they feel the need to change the direction of…

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