Top 7 health benefits of drinking pure water

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The world would be inhabitable without water. Naturally, the body was created to depend on water for most of its activities. But, it’s not just any water that is good for your health. In fact, consuming contaminated water may cause more harm than good.

There are several water purification methods such as using water softeners, whole house filters and Reverse Osmosis System. So, what are the benefits of drinking pure water?

1. Regulation of Body Temperature

Water sits at the heart of thermoregulation. This is the process in which the body regulates internal temperature. While exercise and fever may increase your body temperature, drug abuse and metabolic conditions may lower it.

The result of these two conditions is fatal. You may suffer from cardiac arrest, brain damage, or loss of life.

To avoid such a disaster, you need plenty of freshwaters. Homeostasis is a condition in which the body temperature is optimum, not too low or high.

Drinking pure water regularly will help your body perform its regulatory role effectively.

2. Proper Digestion

Breaking down food is an endless process the body carries out. Enzymes are used to complete the process. Most of these enzymes are liquid in nature.

Their production, therefore, is highly dependent on the availability of water in the body. This means clean drinking water helps increase the generation of enzymes. More enzymes translate to an improved digestion process.

It does not end there. After digestion, there is waste generation. Now, if your digestion was incomplete, your excretion will be messy.

It is so severe because you may develop anal or urinary problems. To prevent such complications, doctors prescribe eight glasses of water daily.

3. Maximization of Physical Performance

Physical exercise is a remedy for many health issues. People suffering from blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and most of the lifestyle diseases are usually advised to engage in physical exercise to live longer. But, after the rigorous activities, the body is normally left torn and tired.

Drinking water will help your body restore the water you lost in the form of sweat. Also, water helps in servicing your body, and in the process, you will regain some energy. That is why you see sportsmen with bottles in their mouths during breaks.

I am sure you have seen a marathon runway. There are water stands present for athletes to refuel as they run their races. The reason behind this is simple.

Just like fuel runs cars in long-distance travel, water runs our bodies when doing physical activities. Although, during such intense workouts, taking too much water may again reduce your performance.

Therefore, the best way to drink water when engaging in rigorous physical activities is by drinking little amounts severally…
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