Top 5 ways to make your blog more successful

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Blogging is an incredibly popular past-time that’s simple and enjoyable to start up. Simply pick a topic and start typing.

For some people putting their content out there is enough, but others aim for a large audience and perhaps even a blogging career.

If you’re looking to grow your platform and spread your content across the globe, then there are easy steps that you can follow to begin the process.

1. Make a compelling title

The first thing a person will see when they come across your blog is the title of a post. It’s vitally important that you craft this title in such a way as to draw the reader in.

It must be informative, compelling and memorable. The most crucial aspect of crafting a title is to make it SEO friendly.

SEO (search engine optimisation) refers to tagging articles in a way that works alongside Google’s algorithm to make your article appear higher on the results page.

It isn’t the only factor in the algorithm, with other things like website trust and total hits also playing a large role, but SEO still has a huge impact.

Just be careful not to over-exaggerate your titles to the point of clickbaiting. It can result in an immediate spike in engagement, but long-term trust will deteriorate over time if your blog posts don’t deliver on their promises.

2. Pictures and other media

The only part of a post that’s just as likely to draw initial interest, other than the title, is the thumbnail picture.

It needs to be something relevant to what you’re writing about and it should be eye-catching. Vibrant colours and bold images stand out more and have a greater chance of making an impact.

If you fancy yourself a photographer, then depending on the topic of your blog you could potentially take photos yourself.

However, if you’re like me and you don’t have an eye for good snaps, then there are a wealth of resources out there such as Flickr and Pixabay that provide copyright-free images.

The copyright-free part is important. You might get away with it at first, but if your blog starts blowing up and you haven’t been properly crediting artists, you could get yourself in a heap of trouble.

As for videos, also make sure to properly credit. It’s generally good etiquette on YouTube to ask the creator of a video directly for permission to use their content…
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