5 things you should do differently when starting university

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The transition into a post-secondary lifestyle can be tedious and detrimental to your physical and emotional health if the habits you’ve learned previously aren’t reevaluated and altered.

It’s important to understand that the next 4 years are going to be very different from the last 4 and they will require a new set of skills and techniques to keep you as productive and motivated as possible.

Below are a few things that you’ll now have to start doing differently as a university student that may not have crossed your mind just yet as you enter this new chapter in life or, if already in university, some that you may not have even considered.

Sleep More

There’s a tendency to want to stay up late and finish up that essay or do some extra studying that you couldn’t get to throughout the day, however, making an effort to sleep more can completely change the way your mind functions during your busy course schedule.

Plan out your day so that you can have that extra bit of time in the mornings to feel refreshed and ready to get to class, even if that means opting for courses that start a bit later in the day.

If you can’t maneuver around your mornings, try your best to avoid cell phones or computers in bed an hour before you sleep so that when you finally do your mind will be clear and your body can properly recover.

Back Up Often

Those who primarily work off of a computer can attest to how important constantly backing up your work can be. It may not have been as vital before university, but now that your course load is much heavier and your classes can be as long as 3 hours, having a safe place to store all your notes and essay drafts will give you the piece of mind knowing that you are covered in case your laptop crashes…
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