Should students be required to wear a uniform?

blue school uniform

A school uniform is an old tradition respected by many educational institutions. At the same time, there are schools whose boards do not require young people to wear it.

Which approach is more reasonable? There is a burning controversy between proponents and opposes of standardized garments.

What do you think about it? Here is a list of pros and cons to help you take a well-informed decision.

Advantages of school uniforms

1. Equality

Peers won’t say to a person from a poor family that one is a looser after assessing one’s appearance. There is no need to compete in terms of fashion and boast of rich parents.

All learners can count on equal attitude and social status, which protects their emotional well-being and self-esteem.

Academic accomplishments remain the only way to achieve superiority in a class, which attracts students’ attention to learning.

2. Pride

A uniform is a sign of students’ loyalty and love for their school, an element uniting a crowd of teenagers into a unanimous team. Diligent learners are especially proud of their study place if there is a logo on a jacket or a vest.

3. No need to choose wardrobe

Some people struggle to pick up clothes for each new day, may stand for hours in front of a mirror and remain unsatisfied with their appearance, try to create good mixes from trousers and shirts, blouses and skirts, seek unique personal style.

Sometimes, they are afraid to be judged by peers for a bad outfit. With uniforms, this problem disappears and young people can dress up much faster.

4. Better behavior

It is difficult to imagine bullies in a uniform. Statistics showed that behavioral incidents take place mostly in educational institutions without dress-code.

Young people in school garments are usually calmer, more diligent and friendly, prefer to follow regulations established by administration. This may be explained by an increased discipline level maintained by uniforms.

At middle and high school, learners are usually divided into subcultures (goths, emos, sports fans, hippies, rappers, etc.) opposing each other.

Differences in what they wear become a reason for conflicts and hate. But if everyone wears the same outfits, unusual attributes do not cause surrounding…
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