Story of America: how immigration changed the country

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America has found itself in the spotlight recently due to its seemingly neverending issues with immigration.

Ironically the United States came into being due to immigrants. Many of the initial settlers were people fleeing persecution from their own countries.

To date, the immigrant population continues to provide the human resource that has made America an economic giant. Let us explore how immigration changed America in more detail below.

Understanding the Immigration Timeline

Spanish settlers were the first to inhabit North America in the 16th century. French and English settlers followed soon after in the 17th century. Mass immigration occurred between 1880 to 1924 mainly from Southern and Eastern Europe.

Post-1965, the waves of immigrants in the US were from Latin America and Asia. In the 1900s, America continued to receive up to 1 million immigrants from all over the world annually.

Most of them were European, but by the 1960s, Latin Americans and Asians became more.

Currently, there are more than 59 million immigrants living in the United States. More than 21% who came in between 2010 to date.

Certain states have experienced a high growth rate of immigrants. These include California with 10.7 million, Texas at 4.9 million, New York at 4.5 million, and Florida and New Jersey with 4.4 million and 2.1 million respectively.

Impact of the Green Card on US Migration

In 2017, 51,600 people were recipients of green cards. Many of them went to countries with low rates of immigration.

Such countries, included Nepal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Others also came from Iran, Uzbekistan, and Albania.

Every year, the United States will give out 55,000 visas, with 5,000 going to those under the Central American relief act and Nicaragua.

There is a lot of interest around the green card with many people trying their luck. Others apply for citizenship with an expired green card, thereby allowing them to start the naturalization process.

How Did Immigration Change America?

The immigrant population has been the driving force behind America’s success and dominance. They have and continue to provide labor for most of the Industries in the USA

There can be no discussion about American History without acknowledging the important role of immigrants…
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