Quitting smoking and women’s health

woman smoking

It’s not a secret that smoking has the same harmful effect both on women and men. After all, toxic substances from tobacco smoke damage all tissues in the body and increase the risk of developing diseases, regardless of gender.

However, the results of recent studies have shown that the female body is more susceptible to tobacco than the male.

For example, the risk of lung cancer due to smoking in women is higher than in men, and this ailment is manifested in them at an earlier age.

Smoking, like alcohol, significantly reduces the possibility of successful conception in women. The movement of the ovum through the fallopian tubes is impeded, and toxic substances from tobacco smoke inhibit the production of hormones necessary for pregnancy.

Scientists also found that boys are born to parents who smoke almost two times less than girls. Moreover, an already conceived child with Y-chromosome often perishes in the early stages of pregnancy.

But, if the conception was successful, an inveterate smoker doesn’t have too many chances to endure and give birth to a healthy child properly.

Features that help women get rid of tobacco addiction

Some characteristics of women who have managed to quit smoking:

  • high level of education
  • stability in the material situation
  • persistent and firm desire to change your life
  • readiness to use various audio and video materials, books for quitting; pharmaceuticals (nicotine patch, chewing gum)

Unlike men, women are more willing to participate in anti-smoking programs. Women honestly analyze personal motives that make you want to use a modern box mod and motives that will help you stop smoking.

They tend to listen to the advice of loved ones and medical professionals. And if they decide to quit smoking, they won’t be embarrassed by failures, and they won’t give up their intentions.

Today, no one needs to prove that smoking during pregnancy is harmful. And therefore, a woman, if she wants the pregnancy to pass without any pathological changes, should stop smoking, at least for the duration of the pregnancy.

It should be especially noted that it is categorically forbidden to smoke during pregnancy for women who suffer from kidney disease, women with high blood pressure, women who have had stillbirths in the past, or those whose child died during the first two weeks of life.

If during pregnancy, a woman continues to smoke, then there may be the following consequences…
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