Smart tips to convince your kids to play outside

kids playing with ball outside

While our children growing up in urban and digital time, sometimes it’s hard to make them see and do things differently.

They are spending most of their time inside the house near the TV or computer. It’s not that bad because their future will be so much different than ours and they have to be prepared for it.

But without a healthy social life or some physical activities outside the house, they could maybe have struggled with anxiety and depression in puberty or early age. As every caring parent, you want to prevent that to happen.

We will give you some tips on how to get your children outside of the house and make them more social.

Reschedule daily plans together

We are all busy moms and dads and we have to work more than one job so that we could make a better future for our children.

If you look carefully at your daily schedule, maybe you will find some free time that you could use to spend it with your kids.

For example, if you have to wash your car twice a week take your child with you. Or if you have to make dinner or go to the grocery store ask them to do those things with you.

Make it look like you’re going to play a game with them. For example, make a contest in cooking like who will whisk eggs faster or in a grocery shop who will first bring 10 groceries to the cash register.

Include some time to make it more challenging to them. At first, it will be hard and they will probably refuse your proposal but be persistent.

Doing some basic activities together will strengthen your bond and make you closer than before. And eventually, they will realize that there are a lot of simple things to do that can be more amusing than watching TV all day long.

Lure their curiosity

To make your children more physically active can be quite a challenge sometimes. Guiding them to have a strong healthy life takes a lot of patience and…
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