Simple cleaning tips to prepare your house for the coming holidays

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There are only a few days left before the Christmas holidays. How are you going to celebrate it? Are you planning on hosting a family reunion at your place? Or are you going to invite your friends for a fancy Christmas dinner?

Hosting holiday gatherings are super fun. Just imagine all the amazing things you can do with your kids, parents, extended relatives, coworkers and friends.

But, of course, it can also be super stressful, most especially if your house isn’t always spick and span.

Thankfully, there are simple tips you can follow to ensure that your home will be ready for your guests this coming Christmas season.

Divide and Conquer

Imagine you’re one of your guests and walk around the house. What imperfections do you immediately notice?

Is the bathroom untidy? Do you need to replace cracked bathroom tiles? Do you need to install new door knobs? What about the kitchen? Are there any pipe leaks? Do you need to fix a leaking shower head? Is the garbage disposer working?

Check every room of the house and make a mental list of all the things you need to work on. Once you have a to-do list, you can start designating the chores to your kids, husband/wife, siblings or other members of the household.

First, you must declutter

Put everything in place before you start grabbing the mop and broom. Hang the puffer vests and coats on the rack. Put the knives and other kitchen utensils in the drawers.

If you have kids, ask them to pick up their toys and throw them in the designated storage bins. Get rid of the empty pizza boxes, food takeout cartons, scratch papers, overused kitchen sponge and other kinds of trash.

Get your windows cleaned

Many people forget to clean their windows. Don’t be one! After you finish decluttering the house, proceed to cleaning your windows.

Start with the screens. If you don’t frequently clean them, most likely they’re filled with so much dust. Yikes! You definitely don’t want your mother or grandmother sneezing all night because of your dirty window screens. Use your handy-dandy vacuum cleaner to get rid of all that dirt…
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