Seven things to know before buying a golf cart

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Playing golf is no longer the sole reason you need to buy a golf cart. Not that you can’t if you want to, but if you are looking for a safe vehicle option that can travel short distances without the need for fuel, a golf cart is a common solution.

Whatever your reason is (or whether you have one) for deciding to buy and own a golf cart, there are general things you should know first in order to make a good purchase decision.

To know that you’re buying the best bang for your buck, learn these important tips.

Determine Where It Will Be Used

There are many places a golf cart can be used in aside from the grassy green haven of golf courses. Street-legal carts can be used as local commuter vehicles.

Some are regular sights in university grounds, industrial sites, and military bases. Knowing beforehand where you intend to use your cart will help you create a solid combination of features that will endure the challenges of its environment.

Things like the type of tires to be fitted, the amount of pressure on the tires, and the kinds of features and golf cart accessories to include all depend on the location consideration.

Determine How You Plan to Use It

The right combination of suspension power, brake, and power systems should hang at the balance all the time. But it can only be determined if you’re sure how you intend to use the vehicle.

Conventional golf course vehicles that are made to transport people will have the suspension power, tire configuration, and weight limit of a conventional golf course cart.

But if you intend to use your cart on the street, you’d have to select something with great suspension, excellent maneuvering, and perhaps some added safety features.

Identify Local and Federal Laws

Every local government differs in their laws and statutes pertaining to golf carts. Before you choose a vehicle to buy, it helps to determine what the law permits and limits so you won’t someday get a surprise arrest after running the street with your new cart, totally clueless that it’s not allowed…
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