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The Internet has always been an excellent tool for the mass dissemination of information, but in recent years, it has been a boon to private individuals looking to create a following for themselves online.

These people refer to themselves as video bloggers (or vloggers for short), and the content they produce can be about anything.

Some people like it purely to be able to share their thoughts with an audience, while others have found a way to monetize their audience and turn their vlogging into a full-time job.

Regardless of their motivations, any video blogger that wants to reach a massive audience has to follow some rules to see any worthwhile results. While some might be able to bend or break these rules, those people are the exception.

Here are some examples of common trends among all successful video bloggers:

Have the right camera

It’s right there in the name – video blogging. How can you expect to be a good video blogger if you don’t have a good camera? Being able to get away with grainy webcam recordings stopped in the mid-2000s.

These days, it’s essential to have a camera that’s able to record high-quality videos that are appealing to look at. Depending on what kind of content you plan on producing, the kind of camera you’ll need to buy will be a bit different.

If you expect to film a lot on the move or outside of your home, a portable camera with lots of storage space and battery life is necessary. Compare this to filming yourself inside your home, where there’s always access to a power outlet, and chances are you can efficiently deal with any storage issues by immediately offloading data onto your PC.

Obtain a high-quality microphone

Adequately capturing your voice is essential when making any video. A poorly shot video can be saved with proper audio backing it up, and an exquisitely shot video can tank if nobody can hear what’s going on.

Simply put, nobody is going to want to see lots of videos from someone whose microphone isn’t up to par. There are thousands of people currently on the Internet who have amazing, crisp microphones, so if any vlogger expects to keep up with the pack, they need to have the right equipment.

It’s essential that you carefully select your microphone based on what kind of environment you record…
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