Humans are not resources, but resources are for humans

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Human resources have much to offer to a company that believes in the importance of their employees hold, but the word ‘resources’ may have some negative connotations with it that are hard to shake off.

It’s a horrible way to talk about, but a resource can be something that is depleted and utilized objectively. It carries a very dismissive and debasing undertone when applied to people.

Words need to resonate with us to have many meanings, so when the implications of what is said do not align with the purpose intended, it creates a certain level of contradiction.

It can also give rise to disengagement among the people (here, employees).

The HR department is a crucial puzzle piece necessary to keep the company ship afloat by following the company core values intact.

People are resourceful, but they are never the resources because resources deprecate. The HR department is a go-to place for employees to voice their issues and have them resolved.

Your workplace environment is where you harness all your potential and create something magnificent that not only benefits you but also your company.

That is where the HR department can use the potential to create a people loving work environment that thrives on the importance of people, their ideas and what they have to offer rather than treating them like something replaceable.

People drive organizations, and without a team of talented employees, a business is nothing no matter how many resources or capital investments are available.

Your employees are what turn simple doodles and ideas into a living functioning unit that you further develop into a business.

When your employees feel like they are valued and have an environment they can thrive in, they work better. There is a direct relationship between an employee’s engagement and the business’s outcome.

People are going to make your business better with their ideas. They will give more output if the input they are receiving is encouraging.

Have Faith in Your People

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