Raising eco-friendly kids through fun activities and habits

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Being a parent can both be fun and tedious when raising energetic kids, and sometimes it shocks you what they learn from interacting with other people.

Some things they pick up can be potentially damaging, and some can actually hone them into better individuals. However, it’s up to you to filter what should stay and what should go.

Teach them good habits, including green practices to help them love nature more and learn to save Mother Earth.

Contrary to the belief that kids are too young to understand how recycling works, it’s actually possible through small and effective practices.

Kids are naturally curious and adventurous; you can make them pay attention and be dedicated to new green chores by making them fun and exciting.

Here are some habits and activities you can teach them to nurture their love and care for nature:

The magic of planting

Instead of watching them throw away scraps and seeds, inspire your kids to plant and start their own garden. If you have a lawn, make them help in picking up litter or watering the plants.

You can make this fun by letting them wear costumes or making a game out of simple chores.

Kids are naturally competitive and love to win at almost everything; just make sure you have a good prize at the end of each challenge to keep them inspired.

If they are old enough, you can slowly remove the concept of prizes and games, and they can learn gardening and planting by themselves.

Just make sure the tasks are age appropriate. Not only will doing so help your kids become responsible and environmentally friendly; this also saves you more money since you’re growing your own veggies.

Practice recycling

In your house, teach them to separate trash – glasses, cans, plastics, and papers. Dedicate a food-waste bin simply for food scraps.

You can use this as fertilizer and help your veggies grow bigger and better. Show your kids the habit of recycling, and inspire them to…
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