Portable air conditioners vs central air conditioners

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The modern air conditioner has enhanced the way that we live tremendously because, before there was central heat and air, there were only fans and swamp coolers to keep you comfortable during the summertime months.

If you live in the midwest or south where humidity is a big problem, an air conditioner is a must to keep yourself comfortable and oftentimes out of the danger of heatstroke.

Although most new home construction comes with some sort of central heat and air there are still homes such as trailer homes and older construction where you’ll have to use a portable unit.

This is why a portable unit is still a viable option for many people who want reliable air conditioning in each room of their home.

Portable air conditioners range from very expensive to downright cheap and choosing the best portable air conditioner model just depends on your specific needs.

Central air conditioners are what are commonly installed in most new homes now, and most central air conditioners are very advanced in terms of energy efficiency which makes them easier and more affordable to run during those hot summer days.

There are pros and cons to each unit, which is why we are going to be comparing the two different types of air conditioners against each other.

Read on below as we compare portable versus central air conditioning units.

We’ve all seen them at one point in our life, the window-based air conditioning unit. You might have even had the pleasure of using one before, and that’s because this is the most affordable and well-known forms of air conditioning around.

The pros of a portable air conditioning unit resonate around the price point, as you can generally get a brand new unit pretty affordably.

As you go up in size and BTU range, the units will get more expensive, but the cost ratio to installing a new central air system is still proportionate.

Portable air conditioners will save you quite a bit on your electricity bill, which is why people tend to lean toward these units when they have a smaller home.

Another popular option for portable air conditioners is the manufactured home because these homes generally don’t come with a central HVAC system built-in. Overall, you can expect a portable air conditioning unit to…
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