Overcoming lost momentum as you drive towards your bodybuilding competition

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Have you been working out intensely for months preparing for a big competition? It can be gruelling, especially when you are going from one competition to another quickly. It is easy to lose momentum, right when you need it the most.

The constant push to get better, to lose a few extra pounds to get cut, and to add a little more muscle can leave you feeling drained, sore, and distracted.

You lose focus. You start to wonder if it is really worth all the effort. Doubt starts creeping into your mind. You were focused, driven, and energized when you started training for competitions, but you’ve reached the limit. You feel as drained as a cell phone beeping that it is time to recharge.

You still want to compete. Your core decision has never changed, but your body and mind are starting to rebel. This is when the connection between the mental and physical aspects of training becomes crucial.

Does this sound familiar? You started off ready to go. You were 100% focused on the competition and your plan to succeed.

You were energized, fired up, and driven. You had everything planned. Your food regimen was precise; your training intense, you planned your days to make sure you achieved your goals po.hub.

Your energy was at an all-time high fueled by your enthusiasm and desire to excel. You would not be denied.

Then reality started to creep in. The toll of pushing harder, heavier, and more intensely week after week began to get harder.

The gains which were so easy at the beginning are coming slower and slower. Your momentum is slowing, your energy is draining, right when you are trying to push towards the finish line and need to be hitting your high point.

This is when the average person gives up. It is when success switches from enthusiasm and physical into the mental game of bodybuilding.

It is the mental edge which makes all the difference between becoming a champion or giving up. Champions create a mental toughness which drives them into the gym to train, even on those days when they don’t…
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