No tree left behind! Top 5 signs you have a dying tree

dead tree

Trees are such wonderful things to have on your property. They add shade, beauty, and they can increase the value of your home.

They also attract fun creatures like birds and squirrels to your property, not to mention trees give them a home.

There is a certain risk to having trees on your property, though a dying tree could be a hazard if there are power lines of your home is nearby. The branches can get extremely weak and fall in a strong wind or storm.

There are some things you can do if you have a dying tree on your property. Read on to find out the top signs of a dying tree and what you can do to save it.

The best way to protect your property and landscaping is to be aware of the health of the trees on your property.

Doing a regular inspection of the trees on your property can be a big step in knowing if you have a problem tree or not.

When you do an inspection, you’ll need to know the warning signs. If you suspect that you have a sick or dying tree, look for these warning signs.

1. Your Tree Leans

When you look at your tree, you want to make sure that it’s vertical. A vertical tree is a sign of a very strong and healthy tree.

A tree that leans like the Tower of Pisa, however, isn’t doing that great. According to the International Association of Home Inspectors, a tree that just has a 15% lean can pose a threat.

You have to know whether or not the tree grew into that lean and it developed that way, or if the tree used to be vertical and started to lean over time.

A tree that started to lean over time is a threat because it’s a sign that the roots are weak or damaged.

2. You Can Spot Deadwood

Some trees naturally shed branches or limbs because it’s easier to make sure the entire tree gets the nutrients it needs.

If there’s a limited amount of nutrients or water available, the outer branches can have a difficult time getting nutrients and die.

Just because a tree sheds branches doesn’t mean that it’s all deadwood. Branches that are green are typically signs of a healthy tree. If it’s a darker green turning into brown, it’s a dying tree. Wood that’s brown is dead.

Look at other parts of the tree to determine if the entire tree is dying or if the dead branches are isolated to one area…
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