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Today all industries benefit from technology advancements, and education is no exception. Now to become a successful student it`s enough to use your smartphone to the fullest as there are many apps for students created to make their college life much easier. Some of them help to keep track of your finances, some develop your habit of eating healthily or do sports and some arrange your timetable to be able to cope with all the tasks.

Using the apps is essential to survive in college, study better and also have time to enjoy your social and private life.

Top apps at students` convenience

The reality is that there is no such student who wouldn`t use tech gadgets, both for enjoyment and learning. Whether you are a proud owner of Apple`s device or prefer Android operational system, there are some best apps for students aimed to make you become a better student easily:

  1. Dropbox. Due to this useful online instrument, you will never lose any of your notes or files storing them in the cloud. This way you will have a connection to your pictures and videos any time not taking any of your smartphone’s memory and share them with friends via Internet connection;
  2. Mathway. If you are struggling with Math and tell your group mates «I need help with my science homework», they might offer you to use Mathway. This mobile app can guide you through any algebra or geometry topic and will help to quickly find the solution required to prove your point in the paper;
  3. If you have problems with the organization, this is one of the best applications for students you can use. Millions of people already downloaded this app to easily create to-do lists. You can use such benefits as voice task creation, touch-based interface, and shaking a device to delete all completed duties;
  4. Essay writing. There are many essay writing services that can help you cope with your papers in any discipline. If you need help but doubt to ask someone «Can you do my homework for me», choose one of these services the majority of which have available iOS and Android apps at their websites;
  5. SelfControl. How many times did you notice yourself searching on Facebook instead of doing your home assignments? Students can easily get distracted so this app is just essential for those who cannot live a minute without checking their social networks. It blocks required web sources for a certain amount of time and there is nothing to do but study;
  6. If you want to be always aware of what is going on, this app will keep you updated on all recent news. So even if you are overwhelmed with exams and deadlines, you will have all the recent events in one feed to check anytime;
  7. Studious. If you always forget about the deadlines and cannot keep in mind all the dates of lectures and exams, this app is a must-have. You can enter all the info about your classes, location, dates of exams, name of your lecturer and this tool will keep you updated you on the important events in advance;
  8. If you often write essays and read books in foreign languages, this tool can become very useful. It will help to easily find any word and phrase definition and also see the words people near you are looking for.

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