4 common living room mistakes

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We are all aware of the pressure we are under when we welcome someone to our living rooms as we question ourselves in our mind about the choices we made in designing the living room and wondering whether it is likable or not. While more often than not we make designing our living room a DIY project hoping it would be as simple as getting beds on rent, the outcome may not necessarily reward our bravado. So if you are wondering, what a professional interior designer would say your faux pas was, well we’ll share that with you.

Minuscule artwork

If you have opted to add artwork in your room then surely, you have enough space chalked out for it. However, if you have bought a painting that is very small in size then that could prove to be very counterproductive. The big problem with having one or two small artwork instead of one big good one is that it will give off the vibe that the room is very small. If however, you cannot get your hands on a big optimally sized artwork then try to get one as big as possible and then you can surround it with some smaller ones, you will create an art-gallery kind of vibe.

Limited lighting

Using only ceiling lighting inside the home makes the living room very simplistic plus you are giving up the opportunity to use lights at different positions to set the tone and ambiance of the room. You can couple the ceiling lights with floor lamps and layered wall lights. You need not use all the lights at all times, you can simply pick and choose the ones you need at the moment depending on the vibe you are going for.

Rug size

There is a world of difference between just owning a rug and owning a rug of the right size. On several occasions, it is seen that common knowledge is that the purpose of a rug is to place it under the center table, however essentially properly chosen run should be big enough to have all the furniture on it and should cover the entire room except for the entryway. Once this requirement is satisfied you can experiment with different colors and designs much like you would if you were to rent sofas.

Improperly placed TV

This is the most overlooked aspect as people assume that as long as the TV is big, grand and modern it can be placed anywhere. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as TV must be placed on a blank wall and not near a door or a window. Such placement will also surely enhance the TV viewing experience. Also depending on the screen size, optimally TV should be placed at a distance of 4-6 diagonals so the living room doesn’t feel too closely clustered.

So now that you are equipped with the knowledge about the most common living room mistakes we hope next time a designer walks into your living room they’ll be happily amazed.

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