Lingerie tips: how often you should change your bra

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Let’s begin by asking ourselves – how old are our favorite bras? If the immediate answer to this dreaded question is a year or two, it’s time for you to part ways with your beloved lingerie.

We can all relate to the struggles that one faces while finding the perfect ladies bra, no wonder, goodbyes seem to be such a bittersweet moment.

Like it or not, bras for women do come with an expiration date. While you might want to continue wearing your favorite bras way past its due date, here are a few red flags that scream – Your bra needs to go!

Firstly, how long should you keep your bra?

According to experts, your bra life ranges typically from six to nine months. This too, differs from person to person.

If you have been repeating your favorite ladies bra on a loop, or practically wearing it every other day, you will need to ditch it a lot sooner than six months.

The faster it wears off, the closer you are, to getting rid of your bras. Try keeping a minimum of five bras in handy and use them on rotational purpose to ensure these ladies bras last longer.

What are the signs to replace your bra?

1. Discomfort – From digging underwires to skin irritation and rashes, the first obvious sign that a woman’s bra needs to be changed is the feeling of utter discomfort.

When your usual bra or the Enell sports bra deliver the exact opposite of what they are meant for, you know it’s time to ditch the old and head shopping for something new.

2. Bands – The bands of every ladies bra act as its support system and pillar. If your bra band feels extremely loose even on the tightest hook, your bra is basically not doing the job that it is meant to do.

If the sole purpose of your bra is defeated, time to say little thank you, and move on to the next one.

3. Cups – Just as you bra band, the cups too, play a crucial role. Be it delivering a seamless silhouette or giving your girls a sculpted shape; your cups can make or break all of your looks.

However, if your cups itself have lost their shape to a point of no return, it’s an obvious sign of “goodbye”…
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