DIY decorations for kids’ rooms

large bed in kid room

Decorating a child’s bedroom can be difficult, especially if he or she is indecisive about the theme. You need to create a long-lasting theme to avoid changing it every few years.

Using skateboards, cool toy cars, and nautical elements are some of the timeless kid’s room decoration ideas. Here are the best DIY decoration ideas for children’s rooms:

Go Nautical

A coastal bedroom is quite refreshing and is not likely to go out of style soon. If you have a family beach house, this would be the ideal theme. You can find the right accessories at your local home décor and thrift stores.

However, you should consult your little one before you decide on this theme. If your son has dreams of becoming a pirate, a nautical theme would be the best choice.

Skateboards Artwork

Is your little one obsessed with skateboards? You should incorporate his favorite hobby into his bedroom’s décor. To add some pattern and dimension to his room, you can place a row of skateboards above the headboard for a cool look.

If you prefer, you can also create a skateboard clock using four different boards, labeled 12, 3, 6, and 9 to represent hours.

Cool Cars

Does your little one love cars? You should frame posters of sports cars and hang them in different areas of the bedroom such as above the headboard.

Because your son might lose interest in cars after a while, you should keep the bedding and walls neutral to avoid redoing the whole room when that happens. When the time to change bedroom themes comes, you can easily change the wall art.

Beautiful Butterflies

You should not be afraid to mix and match different patterns when decorating your kid’s bedroom. If your child has colorful beddings, you can opt for a colorful accent wall then add a beautiful butterfly print wallpaper.

When it comes to choosing a color palette, you should choose one and stick to it. However, you should avoid using too many prints to keep the room simple.

For instance, the butterfly theme idea above works because of the single accent wall. However, if all the bedroom walls were covered with butterfly wallpaper, the space…
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