Key tips on designing your new budget apartment

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When you want to go all out on your home design, “budget” might not be something to consider – especially when moving your things to an apartment can be expensive enough as it is.

However, before you slash the idea of going creative when you move into your new apartment, you might want to consider adding a frugal “twist” to your apartment design.

When it comes to good design, it’s not about what you use, it’s about how you use them. Here’s how you can go creative on designing your new apartment when you’re on a budget:

Finding inspiration isn’t that bad: If you’re having a hard time trying to design “on a budget,” try to look for places with inspiring interior.

This doesn’t just pertain to interior design magazines. You can find inspiration in houses of friends, in restaurants, in places that are “Instagram-worthy”.

Take note of things they’ve done with the interior that you want in your apartment, so it’s much easier to plan later.

Try to visit auction houses as they also have interior sales. You can get furniture that’s beautiful for cheap if you go to the right places.

Second hand stores or thrift stores might have furniture and accessories that may fit perfectly with your home. When you tour around these stores, search extensively and carefully, and keep your apartment in mind.

Switch up design tactics with a bit of illusion: A lot of good design comes in placement, not in what you buy or decorate your house with.

Certain combinations make for a good interior not because of the objects themselves, but in the pattern they’ve made.

A lot of designers tap into our visual spectrum and “tickle” us with good designs. So it’s really not about the budget, but what you do with it in terms of execution.

When using a carpet, position it diagonally and make sure furniture are placed inside it. This makes the room much bigger, and gives your apartment more of a homey vibe.

The diagonal placement “distracts” visitors from the otherwise “monotonous” atmosphere an apartment generally gives out. So this can really work out in your favor.

Go green – sometimes natural colors such as browns and greens can add new flavor to your apartment’s overall aesthetic. Get fake plants or succulents and add a breath of fresh air to your overall design…
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