Inherited a house? A handy guide to property inheritance

property inheritance

You’ve recently inherited a house, but you’re not sure where the process goes from here. In some cases, inheriting a house is an emotional time especially when it once belonged to a close friend or family member. In other cases, there may not be any sentimental value attached.

In any case, it’s often a hard decision to make when contemplating what to do with the house next. You do have some options, so it’s vital that you understand each one and take the time to do what’s best for everyone involved.

Continue reading below for our guide on property inheritance, where we’ll help you do just that.

Cleaning out the Home

Now that you’ve inherited a property, the first thing you must do is clean out the house. Depending on the situation, this might be an easy task to accomplish or a much harder one.

If there’s no attachment to the house and the stuff in it, you can hire a company to clean out the left belongings.

Decide what items you want to keep for either yourself or to sell first and then have the company come in and clean it out.

However, things get more difficult if there is an attachment to the house and the belongings in it. In this situation, it might take you longer to go through all of the personal belongings left by your loved one.

It’s okay to take your time and carefully go through what can be thrown out and what needs to be kept. Consider having other friends or family members help you out.

There may be some items that a friend or family member wants to keep that you aren’t attached to. You can make 3 separate sections, one for trash, one for keeping, and one for selling.

The Upkeep

Next, you’ll need to focus on the upkeep of the house. Just because no one is living in it at the moment doesn’t mean you want the lights and water to be turned off and the lawn to overgrow.

Go through all of the utilities and disconnect any services that the house no longer needs such as cable or internet.

Consider hiring a lawn service to keep the lawn mowed if you can’t keep up with it yourself. And be sure to contact all needed utilities to ensure you’re paying the bills to keep them running…
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