What will infested homes be like in 1 year?

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No one likes to think of pests infesting their home, since the resulting problems are often expensive and exhausting to deal with.

Some people notice early signs of an infestation and mentally sweep them under the rug, hoping to avoid dealing with the issue for as long as possible.

However, this approach can result in infestations spiraling out of control and posing serious risks over time.

While dealing with any type of pest infestation is frustrating, it’s important to confront the problem early to avoid long-term damage. Read on to learn more about the long-term effects of untreated infestations.


Termites are notorious for costing homeowners billions in damage each year by causing structural damage to homes and buildings.

While they can certainly devour the living wood of growing trees, they’re much more likely to chew on wood that’s already deteriorating.

This means that any damp wood in your home is like a beacon to termites – especially if it’s in close contact with the ground, where termites are likely to dig their way in.

Termites are hard to eradicate once they set up shop in the very wooden elements that they’re eating, and will steadily erode the structural strength of your home.

This can result in dangerous structural instability alongside a serious decrease in curb appeal.


Cockroaches are known for their hardiness, and an untreated infestation can rapidly snowball out of control. Roach infestations can cause a number of health problems – most commonly allergies triggered by the proteins in their droppings, saliva, and exoskeletons.

They can also potentially carry dangerous pathogens such as Cholera, Leprosy, and Typhoid Fever.

Cockroaches do not damage homes as severely as termites do, although they certainly make it look worse. In addition to gnawing on finishes and glues, roaches leave droppings everywhere which create musty smells and a filthy appearance.

Mice or Rats

Alongside carrying dangerous illnesses such as the Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, and Rat-Bite Fever, mice and other rodents can quickly make a mess of your home. They’ll chew into containers of food, often contaminating them with urine, and leave droppings all over the place…
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