6 safety tips for parents hunting with kids

father son and their dog hunting

In this modern world, connecting to nature can be difficult–especially for children. That is why hunting with your kids is a great opportunity to spend time together outdoors.

When you teach your children the grand tradition of hunting, you are giving them more than just a connection with nature and self-reliance.

You’re connecting them with the past and teaching them to respect the natural order of the world. You’re helping them disengage with the hustle of the modern world and fall into synch with the rhythms of nature.

If you are planning on taking your child hunting, you want to make sure that they remain as safe as possible.

One of the many benefits of teaching your child how to hunt is teaching them how to handle a gun and other potentially dangerous equipment safely.

If hunting is on your family’s list of adventures, you need to take some precautions to safeguard your children, while at the same time imparting to them respect and awe for the natural world.

Here are six safety tips for parents who are taking their children hunting.

1. Teach Them How to Properly Use Firearms

The first and most important rule of hunting with kids is teaching them about gun safety before they take one step into the woods.

Before they handle a gun in an open space, practice with them at a shooting range. Get them used to the feel and the kick of a firearm so they won’t be dangerously surprised when they line up their first shot.

One day, you hope your children will carry on your tradition of hunting on their own, with a buddy or maybe even with their kids. You want them to be safe every step of the way.

Experienced hunters know that the majority of gun-related hunting accidents (37 percent) are due to improper handling of the firearm.

Make sure your kids understand that handling a gun carefully is the priority for a successful, safe hunt.

Teach them the crucial details of gun safety, like never pointing your firearm at another hunter, always making sure they are 100 percent certain of their target before firing and keeping their fingers off the trigger until they’re prepared to take a shot.

Teach them how to carry the firearm over rough terrain and keeping the chamber unloaded until they’re absolutely ready to fire.

2. Get Them in the Right Gear

Your children must have the appropriate equipment on a hunt so that they can stay safe, warm and protected from the elements. Youth hunting gear is paramount to your family hunting trip’s success, so use…
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