How to renovate a master bedroom over the weekend

master bedroom

Your renovation dreams shouldn’t be put on hold because of time. Most people shy away from pending bedroom renovation tasks thinking it will take them months to complete. With some strategic thinking and a sound plan, you’ll be able to pull off the bedroom design of your dreams in just one weekend.

The best way to get started is to set a mood and theme for your bedroom renovation. When you are doing this, always keep in mind that whatever design direction you choose to go in, your bedroom decor must help you sleep better. Certain colors can reduce the quality of sleep, but more on that later.

When you are planning out your bedroom, it’s best to start with the central element and the place where you spend the most time. This, of course, is the bed. This process will involve some research about the best mattress and also the most comfortable mattress for the sleeping style of you and your partner.

The style of bed you choose to go with will then help you select other bedroom furniture to match as well as personality pieces such as framed artwork, pictures, throws, pillows, and the list goes on.

Let’s get stuck into the details. The following tips and tricks will have you all set to transform your bedroom this weekend.

How to select the right bed

When planning your bedroom makeover, start by taking a look at your mattress. Is it helping you sleep better? Remember, your bedroom not only has to look good, but it must also contribute to healthy sleep habits.

Sleep is one of the most critical aspects of our health. Quality sleep means not waking up with aches and pains and not being tired for the first half of the day. Your bed should support your body and allow you to wake up feeling fresh ready to take on the challenges of a brand new day.

If it’s been years since you have upgraded your mattress, now is the best time. You will be able to find amazing online mattress deals and improve your bed from the comfort of your home.

The best-rated mattress right now is a memory foam mattress. They are considered to be the most comfortable mattress for all types of sleepers and come with a host of benefits for better sleep. Memory foam is a material used to create cooling mattresses, which is especially useful for hot sleepers.

A significant benefit of a memory foam mattress is that it isolates motion, making it the perfect choice for a master bedroom makeover. Motion isolation means if your partner moves around, you won’t feel a thing. This feature makes memory foam mattress best for couples who share the bed.

If you order a mattress online now, you can likely get it delivered to your door for free within just a few days.

On to the bed frame

Once your mattress matters are taken care of, move onto the bed frame. You might be entirely in love with your existing bed frame. But if your bed frame is squeaking, rusted, or damaged, it might be impacting the quality of your sleep. Not to mention the style of your bedroom.

When you are planning a bedroom makeover, your bed frame is quite important as most of your other bedroom furniture will be placed around it – it’s also the most significant piece of furniture in the bedroom.

Upgrading your bed frame is just as easy as buying the most comfortable mattress. Jump online and do a little research, you might be surprised to find that you can order a new bed frame from home and get free delivery. The best bed frames that you can buy online also come with other benefits such as a lifetime warranty and a sleep trial, which means you can test the frame for some time to ensure you are happy with it.

The type of bed frame you choose should suit the design aesthetic you are going for and also help you sleep in comfort. If you want to achieve a modern contemporary bedroom renovation, grey is the perfect natural tone.

For country-style bedroom design, wooden bed frames are highly popular. Upholstered bed frames are easy to maintain, so consider this choice if you tend to let your pets sleep in the bed with you from time to time.

The most trending bed frame in recent years is an adjustable bed frame. If you are yet to come across one, you are in for a treat. Not only do these frames look amazing, but they are said to improve sleep quality significantly. Adjustable bed bases come with wireless remote controls that can adjust the back and leg height of the bed. Plus, other helpful features, such as led lighting, USB charging ports, and massage features. For most people who sleep on an adjustable base, they swear by the comfort and can never revert to sleeping on a traditional frame again.

Despite what base you choose, keep in mind that the style should not be overpowering and can suit the other furniture and accents you plan to add to your master bedroom.

Paint the walls

A fresh lick of paint is likely to be the most time-consuming part of your weekend bedroom makeover. But this doesn’t take away from its importance.

A fresh coat of paint will brighten up the master bedroom and change the energy of your room. Selecting a color is essential. There are many examples on the internet of horrible bedroom colors. The best colors for the bedroom are usually light. Light colors make the room feel bigger and allow the furniture and other bedroom details to be noticed.

However, bedroom color doesn’t just relate to design; it also refers to how you sleep. Dark colors such as red, purple, green, and brown are considered the worst bedroom colors for sleep. These bedroom colors can be distracting to the eye and impact sleep quality negatively.

The best bedroom colors are white, light blue, yellow, and grey. Not only will these colors make your bedroom renovation successful, but you might also find that you start sleeping better than ever too.

Fresh curtains

Ditching the old curtains and replacing them with fresh ones will make people notice a renovation has taken place in your bedroom. Old curtains stand out because they are such a large accessory. For a romantic look, lace can be a real winner. Or for some drama, embroidered curtains can add some style and substance to your bedroom renovation.

The last tip is to ensure you have fun with your bedroom makeover. Spending just one weekend on a bedroom makeover will help you create the bedroom of your dreams. Happy decorating!

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