How to recognize early warning signs of learning disabilities

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Learning disabilities, also known as learning differences or LD, are rooted in a person’s neurology. Although most LDs are diagnosed after a year or two of school, some signs indicate this type of wiring early on.

What Causes Learning Disabilities?

It’s important to know about what can contribute to having a learning difference. Although there’s no definitive cause behind why some kids have LDs and why others don’t, some factors that make it more likely.

Family History

Most learning differences run in families. For example, my dad, grandmother and youngest sister all have dyslexia, just like I do. This applies to a wide variety of other learning problems in other families as well.

Prenatal Risk Factors

This includes things like poor prenatal medical care, maternal drug abuse or if the mother is malnourished while she’s pregnant. It’s possible that these factors could influence the fetus’s developing brain just enough to alter how the eventual child will perceive the world and process information.

Difficult Birth or Birth Injury

Even if the baby seems healthy despite the trauma or heals quickly, its delicate brain may develop differently than the majority as a result.

Toxic Types of Mold and Lead

Early exposure to these contaminants could make a child very ill and have lasting effects on how their brain functions. Free lead screenings are available through most counties, and if you suspect mold growth in your home, get it checked out as soon as possible.

Abuse or Neglect

One of the many problems that can result from being subjected to injury or neglect is the invisible damage done to the brain.

I’ve seen here and there that poverty is listed as a cause of learning disabilities as well. I don’t believe that poverty itself is an actual cause; so much as something that makes things like poor nutrition, lack of medical care, or exposure to harmful substances more likely. It’s also a contributing factor to lack of educational resources.

However, low income does not necessitate these problems when the family is able to provide adequate care to mom while she’s pregnant and after the baby is born.

Early Childhood

The most important thing to remember when watching for signs of LD is that there is a range of normal development when it comes to the…
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