How to create the best home cinema system your friends will be jealous of

living room home cinema

Ever since the television was brought to households across the world, it has been the goal of many to have the ultimate personal theater in their home.

The ability to lay back and watch movies in a carefully controlled environment is worth the high premium to many people across the globe.

Technology has gotten very advanced since the first TV that didn’t even have a remote control (gasp). TV’s are bigger, thinner, and offer visual & audio quality the likes we’ve never seen before.

You’ll need more than just a TV to properly set up your new home theater though. These days it is much more about creating a customized system than it is to just have all of the right hardware and a DVD player.

Let’s get into what it takes to have a home cinema system truly worth envying:

Pick The Right TV

The largest TV currently available for consumers right now is a whopping 110 inches wide. Chances are you don’t need a TV that big, but for a proper cinematic experience, something in excess of 50 inches is what you’re looking for.

Look at the size of the room and where you’ll be sitting, an excessively large TV can actually be more difficult to watch if you can’t get the picture in your frame of vision.

The general formula for how far you should sit away from your TV is between 1.5 to 2.5 times the length of your screen.

For a truly immersive experience, the TV should be able to deliver media in 1080p HD quality or even 4K. Previously there were few options for actually watching something in 4K, but now you’ll actually be able to enjoy all of the extra pixel space.

Also, the TV should be a “smart” TV so you can take advantage of services like Roku and Kodi or even browse the web for something to watch right on your television.


After the TV, you need to carefully plan out any accessories you’ll want for it. Most commonly, a surround sound system is your best bet for 360 degrees sound coverage so you can feel like you’re actually in the film you’re watching.

When bought these systems often come with a central control unit and mounting gear so you can attach the speakers around your room…
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