How to choose the right wedding venue

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When it comes to planning a wedding, the venue is one of the most important items to consider. The venue not only sets the tone of the wedding, it’s also the most expensive part of the wedding. Today I have a compiled a list of tips and questions to think about when considering your wedding venue.

Create a budget

The first thing that you do when it comes to choosing a venue, is to determine your wedding budget. By determining your budget, you will right away be able to scratch venues off the list. This is important because most people will look at something, fall in love with it, and then face the disappointment of not being able to afford it. This can apply to a lot of wedding items such as the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, bands, etc. Make sure you don’t sign any contracts until you determine the cost of the caterer and band/DJ that will be performing during the reception. If you sign a contract with an expensive venue without factoring in other prices, you might not be able to afford the DJ or band you want. Don’t forget the wedding photographer.

Determine How Many People You Will Invite

You don’t need to have the exact number of guests, you should have a rough estimate of those that you have to invite. By determining an estimation of guests, you will be able to eliminate some venues that won’t hold the amount of guests you will have. Determining the guest list will also go along with your budget. If you find a venue at the higher end of your budget, your guest list might be effected based on price per person. The guest list is also important when determining the caterer. The caterer will have a specific price per plate and some venues don’t allow you to use other caterers than their own.

What Are The Catering Options?

This is super important! Most venues have a set caterer and don’t allow you to bring in your own caterer. Typically they can be pretty pricey, depending on your venue of course. It is important to do your research on the venue and ask them about their caterer.

Does It Fit Your Wedding Theme?

This is the hard part of venue shopping. For the most part, this decision is going to come down on your gut feeling and reaction of the space. Most venues can be transformed into many different themes, but there are some that look better with certain themes. An example being, if you are wanting a more elegant, classy and high end wedding, you will probably want to sway away from a rustic, barn venue. Be sure to take lots of pictures and really go through all of their marketing materials.

Visit The Venue When It Is Set Up For A Wedding

When we stopped by to check out the wedding venue we had in mind, we lucked out because it was set up for a wedding. By going when the venue is already set up, you will be able to get an idea of how the venue will flow and start thinking of different ways you can set up and decorate. The venue might even allow you to come back numerous times after the venue is set up for other weddings to get more ideas on how to decorate. Tip: Be sure to take pictures so you can reflect on later.

Do Your Research & Ask Around

The final step before you make any decisions is to make sure all of your research on the venue is complete. I recommend reading reviews and seeing other people’s experience. Also, be sure to ask others what they think of the venue or if they have heard any negatives.

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