How to ask for a raise (and get it)

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I find one of the hardest parts of working in the job force is knowing when it is appropriate to ask for a raise. It’s a topic that is uncomfortable for you and your supervisor. Today I am gathering some tips to help make things easier for when you decide to have that conversation with your boss.


Show you employer why you deserve a raise and remind them why they hired you in the first place.

Do Your Research

Find proof and statistics of what dollar amount you should be getting paid.

Timing Is Everything

Did you have projects that are pushing a deadline or past a deadline? If so, this probably isn’t the best time to ask for a raise. Did you get a project done early? Did you nail a huge client? This is a better time to ask for a raise because your superiors are going to be proud and excited for your accomplishments.

Mark It On The Calendar

By having a meeting with your boss, you don’t have to talk figures right away but rather discuss your career path. Find out what all you need to do to be considered for a raise or find out what your career growth looks like.

It’s Not All About You

Don’t approach the conversation with “I”. Talk to them about how you are valuable to the company.. Show your superiors what you bring to the company and how you deserve the raise.

Give & Take

Sometimes a raise isn’t a financial option for the company. Instead of just focusing on the money, offer other suggestions. These other suggestions can be, a title promotion with additional responsibilities or ask for more vacation days.

Have you ever asked for a raise? If so, how did you go about doing so?

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