How do the video-sharing websites made their strong impact on the streaming platform?

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Both small and large brands are experiencing success by using the potential of live streaming in their marketing strategy.

Live video allows you to establish deep connections with your audience via interactive content that has the ability to increase conversion rates. For many businesses video content outperforms other types of content when it comes to driving conversions.

The ability of live streaming to capture the attention of the audience to take actions makes it one of the effective marketing techniques to influence customers online.

Popular video streaming platforms

Facebook live

The social networking giant has its own live streaming feature called Facebook live for its users to share real-time events with followers.

Facebook makes it easy to genuinely interact with your audience for better engagement and it also controls the reach of the live broadcast through its news feed.

Facebook videos also can be uploaded in the Facebook profile and retrieved any time to repurpose it for future use.


The live video streaming application Periscope started to leverage the supreme power of live video. Since its launch, Periscope is used by brands as an excellent social media functionality to discover events, places and movements.

It comes with many interactive features that allow audiences to comment and give the heart to show their interest and appreciation of the event being shared.

Acquired by Twitter, Periscope is the ideal platform for businesses to widen their presence in multiple platforms.


With over 150 million active users, Snapchat is a great platform which offers great exposure for your marketing efforts.

The application allows businesses to stream short live video sessions and conduct chat and video calls in between to increase user engagement.

Successful live videos include giveaways, live events, narrating brand story or introducing brand new products and services to users.

As the live content in Snapchat is not saved automatically, it is best for conducting quick engagements with your customers to keep them updated…
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