Growing an organic indoor garden in fall and winter

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The fall season is here, and it’s time to clear out our outdoor gardens as we prepare for the cold season. If gardening is your passion, you probably feel sad that you have to wait until spring to grow things again.

Well, worry not, you can still enjoy your gardening passion indoors.

Why you should grow an indoor garden in the cold season

There are several benefits to nurturing an indoor garden in the cold season. These are:

  • Growing an indoor garden brings color and life indoors when it’s dull and depressing outside.
  • Plants provide high-quality oxygen indoors when it feels like its dunk and damp everywhere. Some even give off a pleasant fragrance like lavender and lemon balm.
  • It feels good to get your supply of fresh herbs, veggies, and fruit from your own garden when nothing is growing outside.

Tips for indoor gardening in winter and autumn

Indoor gardens in the right hands, can flourish no matter how cold it is outside. It takes a lot of commitment to do it, though. If you are ready for the challenge, here are tips.

1. What can you grow indoors in the cold season?

Unfortunately, you can’t grow everything you want indoors. Firstly, unless you are among the lucky few with a conservatory, for many people, space is limited.

Secondly, some plants are difficult to grow inside. However, there are many more that can thrive in an indoor garden. Here are some examples.

Herbs: Thyme, oregano, mint, and parsley are some herbs that will thrive indoors. You can use them to make herbal teas, health tonics, and spice up your food instead of buying the dry or wilted ones from the store.

Flowers: Plant flowers such as lavender, Scented Geranium, or Jasmine that can flourish indoors.

Microgreens: It’s hard to grow full-grown veggies inside in a limited space, but microgreens don’t need much space, and they grow fast too. They are also packed with lots of minerals and vitamins and are great in salads and smoothies.

Baby veggies: Imagine having baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach for your meals? They do well in indoor gardens too.

2. Where do you grow your plants?

Well, the ideal place to grow plants indoors in winter is in containers. You can find a planting container to fit in any small space you have in your home. Containers are also easy to move around whenever you need to…
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