Giving out meaningful construction Christmas cards

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The holiday season is getting nearer and if your business is practically B2B which is a type of business that is conducted mainly between companies rather than individual consumers, it is essential that you are keeping a constant stream of communication with your clients.

One best way to do this is by giving out themed cards during the holidays, like construction Christmas cards. By way of giving out construction Christmas cards, this will give your business a great reason to touch base and do some business relationship maintenance.

Create stellar Construction Christmas Cards

Here is a start-to-finish guide on what you need to do to create striking construction Christmas cards:

Step 1: Determine the estimated cost

In making your construction Christmas cards, there are three basic costs which are associated with such. These are the costs for the design, printing and postage.

If your business is practically a design and print service then you can generally save with the printing costs.

However, if you are not into the design and printing business, then you will have to allocate a reasonable amount for it.

In every card, you can expect to spend an amount ranging from $1.50 to $2.25. This will depend on the kind of card that you will get – that is if it’s a folded card, or a post card, or whatever you plan it to be.

This also includes the cost of about $0.49 of forever stamp. So, when it comes to figuring out what your approximate cost is, you can do it as simply as counting the number of B2B contacts that you want to send construction Christmas cards to and then multiply it by as low as $1.50 for your low-end estimate and as high as $2.25 for your high-end estimate.

Say for example, if you have 150 B2B contacts, for your low-end estimate you will incur an estimated amount of $225, or, if you choose the high-end estimate, you will incur an estimated amount of around $337.50.

If you have determined the budgeted amount already, then you can still easily allocate it that is whether you choose to give them all the low-end budgeted card, or the high-end budgeted card, or a mix of low-end and high-end budgeted cards.

Step 2: Decide what the purpose of your card is going to be

An important first step is to also decide on what you want to accomplish with your cards. This will be of significant help especially if you are narrowing down your list and working on your message and card design.

There are of course various reasons for your business to send out a card, and you can also certainly accomplish more than one purpose…
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