How to make the best French press coffee

french press coffee cup

We often hear that one of the easiest, and therefore – best methods to brew a delicious cup of coffee at home is using a french press coffee maker.

Why is that so? Mostly because french press coffee maker is a manual coffee brewer that does not require extensive knowledge or barista skills.

It makes coffee brewing easy and quick. However, there are some tips, tricks, and best approaches on how to make a cup that will taste better than your standard drip coffee.

Although the French press method is considered easy, some practice is necessary to get to the results you wanted. And the best part is – this maker is cheap and very affordable.

And, since it does not require electricity to run on – it can be taken with you anywhere.

What is the French press?

I bet you have heard this phrase before. In England, you might hear them call it cafetière, in other parts of the world – simply as the coffee plunger.

A French press consists of a carafe made of glass, metal or plastic, that is covered with a lid. Under the lid there is a mesh plunger that, once the brewing time has passed, is pressed down to filter out the coffee grinds, pressing them at the bottom.

A brief history of this coffee making method

While the name might suggest, that the origins of this coffee maker come from France, in reality – that is not true. An Italian man with the name of Attilio Calimani, a designer from Milan, who patented this coffee maker in 1929.

Although the two countries, Italy and France, are still in dispute over who has the rights to call it its own invention.

To be honest – history tells us that a version of the french press coffee maker was first used in France around the 1800s.

However, the design has changed, and the maker was not patented then, until 1929. In its earliest model, when it was not called a French press yet, the man who came up with the idea covered his cup with a beautiful mesh screen to avoid ingesting coffee grounds while drinking his coffee.

Word of mouth got out about this practice, people got the hang of it, and the design then traveled to Italy, where the French press, very much like the one we know use, was created.

In 1958 another man named Faleiro Bondanini fitted the french press with a better filter and applied for a patent himself, which he was…
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